Tinylog 2022

title: SzczeĹĽuja's tinylog. A world parallel to @szczezuja@mastodon.online. Available also as `finger szczezuja@szczezuja.space`.

author: @szczezuja

avatar: 🦪 (:oyster:, U+1F9AA)

license: CC BY-SA



Sat 17 Dec 2022 01:18:12 PM CET

DiscoGem is announced by Bacardi55. I've been searching the Gophersphere in a similar way by Observable Gopherspace Universe Project, which is working in a similar manner. So it's a good idea to implement a Geminispace prober.

I then thought that it should have a space-themed name. So we are probing a random part of the Geminispace. Like in space, we can estimate a time when an observed light started traveling from the probed point.

We take five random capsules, and our test rig displays their average creation time, median, and variance. The sample may be fresh when they were updated or congealed from a long time ago. Then instead of a raw RSS feed, we can create table of the best probes and other statistics.


Mon 05 Dec 2022 06:31:00 PM CET

Jirka has written on his phlog that he deleted his Mastodon account. I had also a crisis. Things were changing there so fast, that I couldn't recognize that place anymore (like in a Gandalf meme). This leads me to the point when I've noticed two use cases of social-media.

And when that two groups meet together sometimes it's problem. Because they have a totally different needs.

So I'd like a more static timeline, with interesting findings. I'm add sometimes a bit of social flavour in my statuses, but I never have a long discussion there. But I'm appreciate that big community bring a interesting things. It's a matter of time and patience.

So I'm on social network, and I don't want to socialize. It's a micro blog! I want to categorize my thoughts by hashtags. It's must looks like a dream of an insane librarian. ;-)

Tue 29 Nov 2022 05:40:21 PM CET

I got information from gaf@SDF that Gopher support on WriteFreely is ready, easy to set up and working fine. So if you have WriteFreely instance join the Gophersphere now! There are no any information about Gopher support on the HTTP WriteFreely site so you must be open-eyed.


Sun 20 Nov 2022 04:00:42 PM CET

I had written that there are too much activity on Mastodon for me. The same feelings described Bacardi55, Ruario, and several people on Mastodon. Interesting how this feeling will develop in the future.

It's nice feature to follow several people or hashtags. But the same feature increased up to doing update every minute is useless.

Probably that portion of almost random activities can't be handled by today's client applications. Information is shaped into noise.

So positioning algorithms acting also like a suppressor? They are putting ads, and targeted information, but what it's surprising they are blocking consumer against overload.

So we are again end conversation with Dunbar's number?

[...] Dunbar noted that the groups fell into three categories—small, medium and large, equivalent to bands, cultural lineage groups and tribes—with respective size ranges of 30–50, 100–200 and 500–2500 members each [...]

It's crucial to set up a closed circle of accounts and hashtags for reading and writing. So we shouldn't be carried away by boosting every cute animated GIFs, in our dopamine-rage, because we are spoiling a whole circle by it. We should be responsible readers and writers.

Tue 15 Nov 2022 08:10:32 PM CET

There are so much interactions on Mastodon on my home timeline. I am tired, to much scrolling.

Many new users, their introduction posts, boosts of introduction posts. Increased volume of catchy images, infographics, and less properly baked informations. I must give a try a break with it.

At the same time there are no new e-mails on my SDF mailbox. All people are busy of making Mastodon growing. ;-)

I've observed also a Mastodon flaw which I hadn't been aware. The moderation mechanisms are so immature. There are single persons who are able to remove servers from joinmastodon.org or add to blacklist (formerly Fediblock) without any verification, and with many flashy accusations. So it's easy to became bad guy there.

But don't worry because it wasn't me. I'm still a man in the gold shinny full armor galloping on a white horse!

Fri 04 Nov 2022 08:10:48 PM CET

The discussion about how easy/hard is to join Gemini seems to be popular on Cosmos. For now most of the replies are for ease of usage.

Yep, it's also easy for me. But probably it isn't so easy at all.

Yep, it's easy to install Elpher on iOS and browse Gemini. But it could be confusing how to deal with certs.

And for sure, it isn't so easy to publish. If we start looking at whole neighborhood, for example Titan... Don't be joking that using Titan is clear for every actual Gemini user.

But it's true, that that barrier isn't so high. And maybe a reward is worth time to solve all problems.

I'm not a neutral speaker in that topic, because I have the technical background. But there are no many people without it here. So something must be in the air.

Thu 03 Nov 2022 09:03:26 PM CET

Bacardi55 posted about the Wallabag TUI client. What is the Wallabag?! I hadn't been aware of that tool. It can be selfhosted, and it can aggregate every information spotted on the net. So there won't be situation that there is no RSS feed, and I can't it star/favourite in my RSS reader. And then I would read it in TUI environment. Because there are apps for every mobile and browser addons. Nice.

On the other hand I start thinking about borg iOS app which is allowing to edit org-mode remote file. Is it possible to implement the Wallabag functionality as a org-mode file? Probably it's possible.

Sun 30 Oct 2022 10:15:30 AM CET

Big thing happened. On the October the 26th I received first spam message on my Gemini/Gopher e-mail address, which isn't used outside small net. ;-)

Of course it could be parsed outside small net via some Gemini/Gopher proxy.

Sat 22 Oct 2022 05:46:42 PM CEST

Yesterday I noticed that there is a problem with flounder.online, the site where my gemlog is hosted. Every upload was ended with there is no space on device error message. I tooted to Alex, and the issue was fixed today in the very early morning.

I started to thinking about my Gemini server again. I never think about it as some sort of must be but maybe I should reconsider this.

The good thing is that my Gemini capsule and Gopher hole have backup in Git repository. So in case that flounder.online or sdf.org would be gone, I have still my source files to make a mirror.

The last thing worth to mention is that an overall activity on GTL feed, Antenna and Cosmos is low. Also my Mastodon feed, and #gopher and #gemini hashtags there.

Sat 08 Oct 2022 08:40:17 PM CEST

I've been traveling, so my small-net activity was low. I had been thinking that it's a bad thing. But read today:


[...] Why not set up your gopherhole, and tend it like a garden in your back yard? If you know you're not going to use it often, don't plant flowers that need constant upkeep [...] Keep it short and simple. And keep it fun.

But I did several updates today. :-)

Wed 21 Sep 2022 09:03:50 PM CEST

I'm still thinking about eye-candy and ergonomic using of Gemtext (smolZINE #32). We have the superior idea that a client side is responsible for the presentation. But if it means that any text content will be always easy to read in some hypothetical ideal Gemini browser? Of course no, and the text content should be prepared well. But what does it mean? There aren't much about in on the Geminispace. Sometimes we can ran across the capsules, which are hard to process because there is too much information, which is mixed up with each other.

So... I made my capsule slimmer but I am not fully satisfied with it.

Sat 17 Sep 2022 11:08:41 AM CEST

I was thinking about the game available at:

$ finger blast-rules@happynetbox.com

It's some kind of mystery. It reminded me of some 90's game, which was connecting the game's world with the real one. On the some phase of playing the player was able to call a fax machine, and get a response. That response was crucial for solving a game's plot.

The "Blast" game is an interesting approach. Because it's hidden behind forgotten protocol, somewhere on the endless Internet. Almost no one will find it, and a few will try to play. Of them all, maybe one in a hundred will end the game.

Who is standing behind that insane idea?! It's like ringing to the some random fax machine, cout on luck to get an answer.

There is also hint that some of the trails could be forged, by other people. So you ever won't be sure if you are winner!

Sun 11 Sep 2022 08:22:43 PM CEST

The ROOPHLOCH was announced, as Ruario mentioned. What is more he is encouraging me to join. I was following all previous editions of the ROOPHLOCH, and I like that idea. But I haven't figured a way to join.

make a phlog post [...] while being outside of any permanent man-made shelter and without plugging a computing device into a wall for power or internet

It made me think about differences of us in the Smallnet. I'm operating mainly on the some software level of it, and I'm ideologically compatible with the whole idea of simplicity. I'm even a sentimental retro-lover and I'm dreaming about my 8-bit computers, or early DOS era experiences. But I (almost) don't have any hardware which isn't compliant with today's expectations. So every one has system set up to date, and ability to access Wi-Fi network. They are to powerful to join ROOPHLOCH.

I was thinking about my older hardware, not supported cellular phones (Symbian) which has Wi-Fi. The oldest one is my first (and so big) Motorola cellular phone, which doesn't operate without SIM, and doesn't have even IrDA nor Bluetooth.

The last thought was about my DSLR Nikon camera (announced almost two decades ago), which has a note taking ability. So I imagined myself putting a message as note to my photo, with that four-direction selector and on-screen keyboard. This is going to take a long time, but there are only a 36 characters for one photo. Then transfer a note via SD card to a computer. Then extract a message via exiv2 to a text file. And here you are, I will have a content of my phlog post. Text message from the wilderness with photo!

It will probably be only a noted concept.


Sun 11 Sep 2022 08:12:00 PM CEST

The next thing. Bacardi55 is exploring Emacs and org-mode. I'm investigating this topic also and simultaneously org-roam. So I've got into emacs, I can work with that modes, but there isn't any big feelings about them for now. I need a time to develop myself to do a bigger things with them.



Sun 11 Sep 2022 08:07:47 PM CEST

So Deerbard went offline, he put on purpose a fence around his Astrobotany plant, and without any obligations will be silent.


Sun 04 Sep 2022 10:47:45 AM CEST

Only now have I noticed that Astrobotany introduced on March new feature called a fence.

There's a new "garden fence" item in the store than can be used to restrict others from watering your plant for you.

One plant of my Astrobotany Ring has a fence now, I can't water it and it's wiling!

Sun 04 Sep 2022 10:36:30 AM CEST

There was several threads about dotfiles last time.

ew0k — Having a Dot File Repo?

~ew's FlightLog — Re: Having a Dot File Repo?

PRK's Capsule — Re: Having a Dot File Repo?

Aelspire’s capsule — The slacker’s guide to managing dotfiles

Mika Feiler's Gemlog — How i alias git to manage my home directory (for

dotfiles) - solution from two years ago

I'm thinking about GNU Stow for a long time but I haven't made any decision how to organise my dotfiles yet. I am noting above links for further analyse.

Sat 03 Sep 2022 02:19:53 PM CEST

@deerbard, @bacardi55

I was thinking about "writing into the void" earlier. What is the difference of writing on the big social-media platform like Twitter, and here? The idea is the same, we don't know to who we are writing to. But on the big platforms there is some sort of feeling, that there are so many people, that someone will read us. But the most people probably are gathered around some VIPs (for example around Elon Musk). Ordinary user is still writing into the void. Maybe sometimes there will be a feed back, for eg. a like/star/thumb etc., but what is it means? Probably it's a single second of attention of someone, who won't remember this in short time.

And probably it's natural, that the first purpose of such activity is writing for yourself. To create some more complex writing, which will be made of small pieces. And the better place for something like this is here, where you are in control of every aspect of created by yourself content.

Because the big platform are focused on the short and fast portion of attention, and probably it's harder to make your content in the first place, nor be one of the millions user, some sort of social-media platform filling (just like a polystyrene ball in a postal parcel).

Sun 28 Aug 2022 09:02:58 PM CEST

I'm trying to be active. In last week I published a blog entry, a gemlog entry on my capsule, a phlog entry on my gopherhole, posted here on my tinylog, posted toot, posted on SDF's board (BBS-like bulletin), and the Usenet. I've received also an PGP signed e-mail.

All thing from the CLI, without any hi-res pixels, from remote terminal.

Sat 27 Aug 2022 03:21:55 PM CEST


It isn't the question if anybody needs your random thoughts. As I understand that:

1) It is part of the self-development activity to write regularly. Especially some sort of ordered thoughts, rather than social-media likes, emojis and links.

2) It is empowering the whole idea of small net. To attract to people centric net, there must be a critical point of content written by people. In opposition there is big net, where we have shopping centric net. And there are for sure no need for people random thought (if it can't be processed into an income).

Tue 23 Aug 2022 09:28:19 PM CEST

I must admit that August is quieter than an average month around Gemini and Gopher. It's less activity on Tinylogs, and Fediverse hashtags. There are new articles on Antenna and Bongusta, but it's less visible responses to them. There are also no activity on Usenet Gopher and Gemini groups.

Sun 21 Aug 2022 08:33:47 PM CEST

@bacardi55 It's interesting idea to put Twtxt into GTL. Although it seems to be less active than Tinylog format.



I am thinking about something like automatic discovery of Tinylog or Twtxt format. After all, it is a format that could be recognized by one regular expression. It could be function in opposition to manually organized subscription list. Something like SETI project for that. :-)

Sun 21 Aug 2022 08:27:59 PM CEST

Do you also think that AuraGem is the best search engine in the whole Geminispace?


Sun 21 Aug 2022 04:28:23 PM CEST

My contribution to the last SmolZINE issue.

Is Gemini ready for the applied arts?

Mon 15 Aug 2022 08:55:29 PM CEST

I had some problem with my laptop with upgrading it to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (aka. Focal Fossa). My wi-fi driver had gone, I installed backport-iwlwifi-dkms and the 5.13 kernel to get my wi-fi working again.

But I had still some problems with installing updates. Today I figured it out.

One of the main issues is that my encrypted drive has to small /boot partition and I'm too lazy to reconfigure it.

But we can prepare everything outside /boot, it's so simple!

cd ~

mkdir initramfs

cd initramfs

cp -r /boot .

cd boot

sudo update-initramfs -ut -b .

sudo cp -r * /boot

sudo apt-get autoremove

I have also some warning about swap partition, and this post is explaining how to solve it.

Compare lsblk -f and /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume

There were bad UUID, but the full answer is below.

If you only have encrypted swap partitions, the correct way to prevent initramfs from using them for resume is to add "RESUME=none".

echo "RESUME=none" | sudo tee /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume

It was bothering me for several months.

So you can do everything with Linux, but you must have a knowledge and a free time.

Sat 06 Aug 2022 03:31:55 PM CEST


I also like to play in older games. I remember playing in SimCity, and then SimCity 2000. Nowadays I'm playing mainly in Transport Tycoon Deluxe (its open port). Years ago I spent many hours playing in Railroad Tycoon Deluxe. I love that type of games. Today nobody wants to create such games.

It's worth to say that there is good mobile port of Roller coaster Tycoon.

Sat 06 Aug 2022 03:26:49 PM CEST

I'm working without success on mutt configuration. I can't set up IMAP for sdf.org (it is connecting, but can't process folders), and I can't set up UTF-8 on the sdf.org for mutt (doesn't work in sent folder). Lights and shadows working in TUI.

Mon 01 Aug 2022 09:05:57 PM CEST


I must find a free time to set up own capsule, like Matthew described in his gemlog.

Sun 31 Jul 2022 11:24:54 AM CEST

As I wrote on Sun 23 Jan 2022 07:57:50 PM CET here I'm looking for good examples of useful ASCII-art examples. Today I was reading Dima's thoughts on his window manager layout and his ASCII sketches are great!



Sat 30 Jul 2022 05:05:55 PM CEST


Some time ago ew0k has written about Astrobotany. It's very addicting to plant on Astrobotany. We want our plant to grow faster, and faster. On the higher generations the plant is growing so fast, that we can't catch up it. I've set up my plant's course to stay on the 40th generation. Of course I'd like like to have a new flower, and sometimes it tempts to harvest the plant. But because I know that it's addiction, I'm able to preserve in my decision.

I'm curious if people will care his plant, and if it will grow faster to the next hundreds of generation.

Sun 24 Jul 2022 04:12:20 PM CEST

I've been thinking about some sort of the best practices of building the main Gemini capsule page.

I cleaned up my capsule today.


Fri 22 Jul 2022 09:59:50 AM CEST

Several days ago ew0k has written about problem with search engines. I had written the same earlier. Today I saw:


interesting article about search engines. There is also some details about Gemini search algorithms. And what is most important there is the AuraGem Search, which I hadn't knew before.

Thu 21 Jul 2022 09:50:44 AM CEST

There are much about BBS on Geminispace nowadays.



Mon 18 Jul 2022 09:55:59 AM CEST

There are much buzz about Waffle, an universal Gemini proxy for any information WWW page.


The state of Polish WWW seems to be not so good. Main WWW pages are so complicated and non-text oriented that Waffle can't process them in proper way.




Fri 15 Jul 2022 02:30:50 PM CEST

As ew0k has written, I also think that one of the biggest problem of small net is to search. I wrote about it some time ago. It's like the fog of war. If you are there, you can see new interesting content. If you are outside that area, you probably never won't reach it.


I'm also disappointed by last weeks on Antenna, when many people create many entries for one site. I don't know, if they are writing so much. But it's hard to go through it. The more calm place with curated content is Bongusta (Gopher) now.

Wed 13 Jul 2022 10:45:39 PM CEST

Interesting post to explore by myself. It's about rougelikes, BBSes and Amiga.


Sun 10 Jul 2022 03:20:26 PM CEST

So you are in the '90s, you Internet connections is expensive, you must limit you time and you can't surf faster than a speed of dial up modem. I can remember that times very clearly. I've download my first mp3 file (one file!) through the time of my full daily Internet dose. It was said, that there were people with fixed and wideband connection. I didn't know them.


Sun 03 Jul 2022 09:47:12 AM CEST

My activity during last two weeks was rather low. It was extremely hot here, around 35 Celsius degrees. I'm trying to catch up things now.

It's worth to say that there are new smolZINE and The Gopher Times issues.

After reading TGT I start to thinking about recording text-console screen to *.vt files.

$curl -s gopher://bitreich.org/1/vt100/animations/twilight.vt | pv -qL3000


Tue 21 Jun 2022 06:52:00 PM CEST

I know that I knew them earlier.

cd -

Goto to the previous directory.


Run the previous command.

sudo !!

Run the previous command with sudo.


Pass the previous parameter to the new command.

Sun 19 Jun 2022 04:13:44 PM CEST

Such lists are always inspiring. The "daily cli tools that makes my life wonderful" by @wwwgem@social.linux.pizza.


Sun 19 Jun 2022 11:38:34 AM CEST

Astrobotany plant ring script.


Sat 18 Jun 2022 09:47:55 AM CEST

It would be great to check the water status of a plant on the Astrobotany by finger protocol.


Sat 11 Jun 2022 07:19:40 PM CEST

For sure is always a thing, you hadn't knew about emacs.


EXWM (Emacs X Window Manager) is a full-featured tiling X window manager for Emacs

Holly shit!

Tue 07 Jun 2022 09:30:09 PM CEST

I wrote about enlightenment in emacs. A catchy title.


Today I read second one. Living in emacs.



Tue 07 Jun 2022 07:16:43 PM CEST

Fingerclub script for pro-Finger users. ;-)


Tue 07 Jun 2022 06:14:21 PM CEST

@deerbard, and every interested in galaxy map.


This is the first version of the script. I'd like to create map of my galaxy, sites as described in galactic.dat file. You can add your own entries, and then run galactic.sh script to generate your map. Settings are prepared for 24 names, each 8 chars. Galaxy is starting from the center of the canvas, and then increment distance and angle clockwise. So there isn't any grouping in particular galaxy arm. But it could be in the next version of the script.

My target idea is to create automatic, but more graphical ASCII-art like representation.

Mon 06 Jun 2022 09:36:02 PM CEST

GTL 1.0.0 released, update_gtl.sh also worked fine.


Sun 05 Jun 2022 08:32:37 PM CEST

Today I spent a while connecting to BBS. I've came across some BBS link, and then I've gone through `telnet finalzone.ddns.net`. So the first time in my life I was inside BBS. I was going around, without any special findings. The most interesting were ASCII-arts inside game directory.

I've jumped from Gemini to Gopher, and during I've getting to know Gopher I discovered BBS. BBS'es could be the most interesting thing in small-net sauce. I must find time to watch BBS documentary film.



I didn't get any e-mail since May. It's interesting if my Tinylog is being read by someone. Feel free to send your opinion by e-mail. My e-mail and PGP key is published on index page.


I've found that there is no support of folding in emacs, so it's functionality which is superior in vim. Then I've found that it easy to auto format and reverse it action in visual mode by 'gq' and 'J' key shortcuts.


I was looking at finger today. So you can read my last tinylog entry by `finger szczezuja@szczezuja.space`. Then I've looked at `finger alex@flounder.online`. I am thinking about some finger-available users ring. It could be handy to run some finger script, to obtain all news from familiar people. I've add finger to my Mastodon's profile.

Sat 04 Jun 2022 02:50:47 PM CEST

As Deerbard has written. There are several Gemini to WWW proxies, which are indexed by Google and so on. So it's a question. Is it a good thing, or not.

Some people said that there should be an original content, prepared in a special way for the small-net users.

But other people want to write once, and go with it to the widest audience.

I had been closer to the second group of people, but with time I am changing my mind. I am semore and more duced by the idea of Tor or I2P. To break out the indexed world of Google.

The only flaw in darknet is that their users could be considered as suspicious.

Thu 02 Jun 2022 08:41:01 PM CEST

I'd like to write that in winter time there was many more activity in Geminispace. But as I've read Bacardi55 will release GTL v1.0! So it isn't so bad as I thought.

Sun 29 May 2022 09:08:05 PM CEST

I am positively surprised once again by Internet Archive. Free version, ready to rent.

[Schismatrix by Bruce Sterling]

Tue 24 May 2022 09:43:27 PM CEST

I had less free time recently, so there are not much activity here. I noticed today that my Polish blog had 18th anniversary in April. I had forgot about it. Many things are happening on Gemini, Gopher and around the whole small-net. I realized that I am forgetting many things. I must set up some better notes system for that for myself.

Today I discovered that Alex is maintaining a very interesting list of small-net's activities.


Sun 15 May 2022 04:49:26 PM CEST

Interesting part of the Small-net. You can exercise your thoughts on how much is better or worse than Gemini, Gopher:

A shinobi website is a text-based, RSS focused blogging "system"


Sat 14 May 2022 10:29:26 AM CEST

A frequent question about how to know about the places where interesting content is currently being created.









Tue 10 May 2022 08:05:56 PM CEST

For sure is always a place, you haven't been on Gopher.


Mon 09 May 2022 09:11:53 PM CEST

I'm using `toot tui` for Mastodon and `mcabber` for XMPP. It could be a good idea to switch to `tut` and `profanity`. But I'm too lazy now, to learn new keybindings. ;-)

Thu 05 May 2022 08:58:32 PM CEST

The day before yesterday, I realized that my cheat sheet is missing the keyword padding key. I forgot about him because I haven't written a script for a long time. So I noted: "C-N" for vim, "M- /" for emacs. The default vim mechanism seems to be winning here, it is more ergonomic.

A few days ago, I also read on the Mastodon post stigmatizing the lack of email correspondence. So I was able to write and receive a few e-mails recently. Each signed PGP as befits a pubnix user. I also read some Usenet groups on slrn, but also wrote an article there.

Mon 02 May 2022 09:19:16 PM CEST

I patched my script for Tinylog publishing. Now the publication of the latest entry via Finger is in operation. For this to work with `flounder.online`, save it in a `.plan` file. Now, to check what's going on with me, just run the command `finger szczezuja@flounder.online`. You can also check the weather `finger warsaw@graph.no` immediately.

Finger also works in a number of browsers, such as Lagrange. The syntax for the address is `finger://flounder.online/szczezuja`.

Long live Finger, another 50 years!

Sat 30 Apr 2022 04:09:33 PM CEST

While wandering [random servers of Observable Gopherspace] I spotted [Nemesis]. Because it was so natural to went through the telnet link inside the MUD, I did so. It wasn't need to have any special client. But as I discovered today, there are special clients for MUD. So I'm using now TinTin++. For God's sake, who needs a MUD client? Among many functionalities, we have, for example, the ability to automatically draw a map.

[random servers of Observable Gopherspace]



Fri 29 Apr 2022 09:36:18 PM CEST

Today I was playing the MUD for a while. So there won't any breaking news from me.

Thu 28 Apr 2022 09:22:17 PM CEST

For sure is always a place, you haven't been on Gopher. If you are in hurry, and you must...

generate a new character...

or get a random character name...

or throw a 4d6 dice...

or read some detail about Undead Bat. Here you are:


Wed 27 Apr 2022 09:32:02 PM CEST

For sure is always a place on Gopher, which just been born. Look at the shinny new BBC news text proxy:


Tue 26 Apr 2022 09:22:29 PM CEST

For sure is always a place, you haven't been on Gopher. Game for today:

["ZORK I: The Great Underground Empire" 1980]

Interesting article about Web 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, and... 4.0!


There are also interesting readings on Gemini. Found by @deerbard:


Mon 25 Apr 2022 06:24:51 PM CEST

For sure is always a place, you haven't been on Gopher. Hole for today:

[Lobste.rs text proxy]

Sun 24 Apr 2022 09:42:56 AM CEST

For sure is always a place, you haven't been on Gopher. Hole for today:

[Trending Science Papers]

Sat 23 Apr 2022 09:25:35 PM CEST

I've created the next two cheat sheets:



The key concept of above files is to describe how I'm using different tools, for my own memory of keyboard shortcuts.

I try to prepare the base actions which I'm using in vim, to compare them in emacs. Some of the conclusions:

Sat 23 Apr 2022 02:49:06 PM CEST

Today I'm doing more house cleaning, and I've automated my publish script for tinylog.gmi to include last entry for finger:

awk -v RS='' 'NR==2{print $0}' tinylog.gmi > finger

So awk split input into columns/fields, rows/records. I was aware this, but I never did it.

It was easy.

Wed 20 Apr 2022 06:26:53 PM CEST

Today I tuned up my slrn config, and I was browsing the Usenet again. Slrn is great tool, but user must has knowledge of the key concepts. One of them is score file. I had been wondering why the default view isn't date ordered. After that I discovered, that you could change order by `ESC s`. I discovered also that you could change display format by `ESC d`. And after that I discovered that it is more handy to highlight authors or keywords in score file by `K`. It is need to put some tutorial about riding that horse. ;-)

Tue 19 Apr 2022 02:29:03 PM CEST

For sure is always a place, you haven't been on Gopher. Hole for today:


And Slashdot proxy:


Mon 18 Apr 2022 08:06:40 AM CEST

Who dares implement Core War over Gemini? It would join Astrobotany in the game's department on Geminispace. ;-)


Fri 15 Apr 2022 09:19:04 PM CEST

It's 40th generation of my plant on Astrobotany. I've looked at leader boards and their more than 100th generation plants. Probably the main aim of playing that game is gathering strength and convincing yourself to write automation script for your plant. I had been thinking about such thing like act of cheating, but now I'm thinking that it could be the only solution. So it's game for start being a developer.


Tue 12 Apr 2022 09:36:35 PM CEST

Matto has interesting article about RCS (ancient version control system, from '80s) and keyword expansion in it. I hadn't been aware of such thing. And it's possible also in Git (with some work around).


[smudge and clean filters]

Tue 12 Apr 2022 09:05:32 PM CEST

Skyjake has written about TUI Lagrange. So we will have: iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Linux (GUI) and Linux (TUI) versions.


Wed 06 Apr 2022 09:51:13 PM CEST

Today is a day of housecleaning. I splited tinylog file into two, current and archive for 2021. I restarted my VPS (uptime about half year).

I'm bilingual now - vi and emacs. ;-) Splitting file by vi seems to be easier, it's VISUAL mode is handy.

Sun 03 Apr 2022 10:54:41 AM CEST

Interested in what people do instead of using Usenet, I looked at Internet Archive Schoolar. I haven't found nothing more relevant than paper from 2013.

[iSpy: seeing what students really do online, Reynol Junco]

The answer for then is: social networking.

Sun 03 Apr 2022 10:50:47 AM CEST

I sent first posts to Usenet from almost 30 years. While looking for available nntp (text only) servers I found out something new:

[Eternal September]

Now the roles have turned somewhat differently. You can unlock your `slrn`, and point it at: `news.eternal-september.org` or `news.aioe.org` now.

ad [Eternal September]:

You can always be surprised. It works.

$ sudo apt install sdate

$ sdate

Sun 10442 Sep 1993 09:46:08 AM CEST


Sat 02 Apr 2022 11:12:50 PM CEST

Second try for Usenet. It was easy.


$ NNTPSERVER=nntp.aioe.org


$ slrn -f ~/.jnewsrc --create

My previous problem must be connected with SDF.org server or configuration.

Wed 30 Mar 2022 09:01:52 PM CEST

@bacardi55 I tried tin, trn, slrn for Usenet without success (i can't browse older posts). But maybe I don't have enough time for configuration. If mutt is better solution, you could write some tutorial. There are no many about it on the web.

Tue 29 Mar 2022 09:48:25 PM CEST

Bacardi55 pointed out to me the Usenet. I was touched by the second illiteracy. I used Usenet in the '90s. And now I haven't even know how to go about it. Ancient knowledge, what are the NNTP server addresses now?!


And it already seemed that I do not have a free server at hand.

Sun 27 Mar 2022 11:09:09 AM CEST

Hey KONPEITO fans, do you know Drift Theory (music works of former Sloum's music collective).

[Drift Theory]

Tue 22 Mar 2022 08:31:45 PM CET

As @bacardi55 mentioned, there several broken links here and there in Geminispace. I was also thinking about partitioning my Tinylog. But it isn't Gopher with their catalog of files. Gemini is similar to WWW, with content mixed with site structure. So in Gopher, we would link to content, rather than to site structure like in WWW and Gemini. So in Gopher I could rearrange site structure in a safe way for backlinks. In Gemini activities like organizing the archive yearly will break every backlink. So we should be so wise in the beginning to do proper structure for the whole site.

Mon 21 Mar 2022 09:32:14 PM CET

Writing here in English is also some language practice. I don't use English in everyday cases, so it got rusty. I haven't thought about looking for something like this, but I saw Rfmpie's article about his publishing process. There is a special webpage for grammar check. I will try it.



Mon 21 Mar 2022 09:26:26 PM CET

Today I saw a back link to my Gemini capsule from Gophersphere. It somehow natural, but we don't have a proper instrumentation to detect that. ;-)

Sun 20 Mar 2022 07:56:54 AM CET

As @bacardi55 said, there is comp.infosystems.gemini group is announced.


Google haven't indexed it yet, so big-net isn't aware it. ;-)

Sat 19 Mar 2022 04:34:22 PM CET

I was using sshfs for flounder.online, but there isn't possible to use public key authentication for flounder.online. So I migrated to sftp. Below my publish script for flouner.online.


if [ -z "$1" ]


echo "Usage:"

echo " publish.sh filename"

exit 1


# Set password; @see https://www.passwordstore.org

export LFTP_PASSWORD=`pass flounder.online`

DIR="$(dirname "$1")"

FILE="$(basename "$1")"

lftp --env-password sftp://set_your_login@flounder.online -p 2024 -e "cd $DIR; lcd $DIR; put $FILE; bye"

# Clear password


Sat 19 Mar 2022 09:49:13 AM CET

I haven't thought in that way earlier. The all emacs's power user trend is about a best way to manage windows in text mode. It's like [heaven of tmux] but on the next level. Mechanisms of managing inside, and between windows are more adavnced.

[heaven of tmux]

Mon 14 Mar 2022 09:18:36 PM CET


I've read ew0k post also.

[Celebrating Offpunk and Hugging Solderpunk!]

Offpunk looks very interesting. However I don't need a offline browser at the moment. It's nice that it's combining all aspects in one, and it's merging Gophersphere and Geminispace.

Recently I've read also good words about Elpher. But it isn't offline browser like Offpunk.

[Praise for Elpher]

Sun 13 Mar 2022 10:31:52 PM CET


Because it's close to my exploration of Gopher in 90's I can say something:

[BBS The Documentary]



Sun 13 Mar 2022 09:38:04 AM CET

We waited a long time. Luckily, the update [script] worked.

$ ./update_gtl

Last available = /bacardi55/gtl/releases/download/v0.7.0/gtl_0.7.0_linux_amd64

Last installed = 0.6.0

Installing a new version from https://github.com//bacardi55/gtl/releases/download/v0.7.0/gtl_0.7.0_linux_amd64


gtl_0.7.0_linux_amd64 100%[==========================>] 5.11M 10.8MB/s in 0.5s


Sat 12 Mar 2022 10:28:37 PM CET

I've been on holidays for a while. It's caused several posts on Gemini and Gopher.

@bacardi55: "nb" looks very interesting. Someday, I would like to get into org mode. It seems to be an even more general solution (although it would require a transition from vi to emacs).

Tue 08 Mar 2022 04:01:56 PM CET

Better late than never. Finally, I created Git repositories for my Gemini and Gopher files.

Mon 07 Mar 2022 07:42:36 PM CET

I wish I could use Gopher on Commodore 64 in 90’s. I had c64, but I hadn’t net then.


I watched some retro channel about Commodore 64 where it was said that the engineers planned to implement availability of custom OS in Commodore 64. This was a big difference compare to ZX Spectrum. There was only one OS there. Commodore 64 had GEOS. I didn't understand what the GEOS was. I had floppy drive connected to my C64, but I hadn't hard drive. I didn't had idea what the alternative OS for. I had some vague understanding that GEOS is similar to Windows 3.11 but for me then it was useless.

So GEOS had possibility to connect to the Internet, to have network utilities, to implement Gopher client. What was the 90's could look like for me if I had the network? It's funny that it's so abstract for me that I can't imagine that. In the beginning of 90's I hadn't clear idea what the computer is for. So how to imagine connecting it to the Internet?! Poland was backward, and in the beginning of the transformation from the former Soviet's block, with technology embargo.

But the idea of Gopher client for Commodore 64 is inspiring me. There are several YT videos with 8-bit computer connected to the Internet. That barrel CRT monitors, with characteristic colors and fonts. Slowness unheard of today, where every character is as if it was stuffed out in torment from the net cable. Limited screen width that cannot fit most of today's information on one line.

It must be beautiful, and like in the dreams.


It must been like on this advertisment. The beige colors of the 80's, with happy family sitting near their home personal computer.

For me the natural way of learning about the computer was watching of the similar photos. They could be low-res and small, but they were so attractive. It didn't matter if what I saw on them was in fact there.

The magic of the computers in the 90's.

Tue 01 Mar 2022 09:43:03 PM CET

Today I've set up tmux inside tmux. So I need two command prefixes Ctrl-A and Ctrl-B. I'm waiting for the third tmux. ;-)

This is some excuse to write here, I realized that I abandoned Mastodon besides #gemini and #gopher tags, where I'm posting a time to time. So I have shortage of social interactions. So I'm a bit like lone ranger. ;-)

Fri 25 Feb 2022 08:21:53 PM CET

Cont. of my note at Thu 06 Jan 2022 10:31:56 AM CET. So, Russia invade Ukraine with their troops, and on one of the phlogs I can read that "more fault" is with everything else than Russia. I'm shocked again.


Sun 20 Feb 2022 03:32:57 PM CET

Who dare reads all zines from 90's? ;-)


Sat 19 Feb 2022 02:00:28 PM CET

For my personal purpose, there are some new Polish capsules on Gemini:



Tue 15 Feb 2022 07:55:24 PM CET

In coming days I will celebrate my first year in Geminispace. That part of net seems to be bigger than year ago. As @bacardi55 has written, I'm also using more Antenna/Cosmos than my Commitium. But I don't know if it's good thing? It was about controlling what to read by myself, not by the third parties. We should remember also what is the importance of blogrolls.

The second thought is that my Commitium is not so loud, at it had been in last months. It seems that many old feeds are quiet for long time. The Geminispace is changing before our eyes.

Sun 13 Feb 2022 07:18:38 PM CET

I've got some new replies for my question about 90's net. The most of them are on the local SDF.org board, but one is on Gophersphere.



It's interesting because I had also Commodore 64, and Pentium 75MHz computers. But computers in Poland were shifted by about one decade. So I wasn't able to surf net on my C64 in 90's, as do so Xiled in 80's (sic!). Possibility of surfing the net on C64, for me is mind blowing. Probably everything what had been possible in net on C64, I did not earlier than on my Pentium 75MHz!

When I am thinking about this I also recall first MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) which was also introduced on C64. People who even didn't see 8 bit computers, never will believe in this.




Tue 01 Feb 2022 11:07:08 PM CET

@bacardi55: I was thinking that is curated list of tinylogs, and you are the maintainer. ;-) So maybe it is why, there are no new feeds. People don't know how to join?

Sun 30 Jan 2022 09:51:01 PM CET

@bacardi55: I've add to my GTL one feed of my colleague, and I realized that there are no any Station's tinylogs in your aggregated feeds timeline. Is it on purpose? I remember that Station had add tinylog support on the early stage of RFC creation, and It seems to be quiet about it from that time?


Sat 29 Jan 2022 04:52:36 PM CET

@lykso@lyk.so: We shall defend our Tinylogs, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight by the GTL, we shall fight by make our Tinylogs active, we shall carry the torch of education in the whole Geminispace; we shall never surrender.


Sun 23 Jan 2022 07:57:50 PM CET

As I had written, I'm playing with ASCII maps, graphs and so on. Today I found nice example:

UUCP/USENET Logical Map - June 1, 1981 / mods by S. McGeady 11/19/81

Thu 20 Jan 2022 04:38:28 PM CET

It's funny that it seems that [twtxt] made more noise than [tinylog]. Twtxt was added to [Antenna] some time ago, and at this time there were about 10 active users aggregated by @bacardi55, and only several testing posts on twtxt provided by Antenna. Of course twtxt is reaching more far than Geminispace, but in Geminispace tinylog is more homely. For me the key benefit is that tinylog is readable for any Gemini client, ant it isn't only formatted text-file, at the same time it is offering the same functionalities, with the same simplicity.




Fri 14 Jan 2022 04:47:47 PM CET

I'm looking at skyjake's Capsule and I must say it. Is he has the most impact on the Geminispace? Lagrange for every OS, include iOS and Android. Some time ago GmGitView, and now Cosmos.

Lagrange is also the best Gophersphere browser for mobile, and its include Finger protocol. I suspect that many people can't access small-net without him.


Fri 14 Jan 2022 04:34:56 PM CET

[RuarĂ­] has written about `sftp`, and this reminded me about my last adventure with `scp` on `sdf.org`. In short term - `scp` doesn't work for me there. I was in trouble, but I've read about `tar`. I'm not so novice in Linux, but I what to do with it about transferring files to remote machine?!

tar cf - sourcedir/ | ssh login@remotehost " tar xf - -C /remotedir/ "

VoilĂ . It works for me.


Fri 14 Jan 2022 04:06:44 PM CET

I've asked question on my Mastodon's accounts:

Hey #Gopher users, how you were using the Internet in the 1991-1995? I had been asking this question before, but this time I am with it specially on #Gophersphere!



I got several responses. I think that only three of them was about Gopher. But nobody could reclaim from memories what was read on Gopher then. I have some hypothesis that Gopher was less popular in Europe, than it is thought now. And it had less non-academic/official stuff, so there aren't any clear memories about that. But maybe I am wrong. It is said that there was official MTV Gopher hole then.

Fri 14 Jan 2022 03:58:20 PM CET

A new thing in Geminispace - Cosmos.


And my Cosmos Reply Feeds:



I've been using:



Which I've been tracing by my script:


Tue 11 Jan 2022 08:58:09 PM CET

Any Gemini user don't think about a way of publishing new gmi files. Gopher user must think about it. So I had must also learn to compose gophermap, a special file which handle content on Gopher hole. It isn't any rocket science. But, Gemini users should be happy that they don't need to do so. It's a very delicate structure, which could be destroyed by accidental letter pressed during writing. So it's good idea to check everything after editing. So I have been checking, and I figured out that there was some mistaken character. The second thing is to remember about files permissions. So we could have directories, files and gophermaps - but there could be wrong chmod, so Gopher hole isn't accessible. I had also problem with them. After that there is some syntax for gophermap, there are also some constants for static structure, for directories, for files and so on. There are much energy put into the thing, which isn't core thing. In such way Gemini is more convenient. Despite that separating content form site structure could be interesting idea.

Tue 11 Jan 2022 08:51:38 PM CET

With help of RuarĂ­'s script I moved my Gemlog's articles to Gophersphere. I was thinking about it before, but I hadn't had such useful tool on the hand. The main idea is to move serie called "Gopher novice" and question about the Internet 1991-1995. I'm interested in Gopher answers so the question should be ask there.

Mon 10 Jan 2022 10:12:29 PM CET

My gopher hole is set up with success!

Sun 09 Jan 2022 09:14:19 PM CET

I've spent today for making gopher hole at sdf.org. It's hard thing, despite I registered a new account very quickly. I can't change shell before I will validate account. I initialize gopher hole, but I can't put files to it.

I would put there my Gopher articles. I'm expecting that I would get more answers for my questions of everyday use of Gopher in 90's there.


Sat 08 Jan 2022 02:18:13 PM CET

It could be useful.


Thu 06 Jan 2022 12:09:04 PM CET

There is a new search engine for Gemini. TLGS is more kind for my articles. ;-)



Thu 06 Jan 2022 11:51:53 AM CET

As @deerbard recalled. I wish I will take more photos in 2022. And I will settle down with some gallery in Geminispace. Or maybe it should be Pixelfed? I didn't make any decision yet.

Thu 06 Jan 2022 11:49:45 AM CET

Interesting link from @guigui3000@pollux.casa - 2700 new nodes and 14 projects in Fediverse in 2021!



Thu 06 Jan 2022 10:31:56 AM CET

During everyday browsing of small-net, I was a bit shocked about one entry. It was first time in small-net, to read something what I totally disagree. I live in Poland, where there were changed a lot since 90's. Before that we were stuck in soviet part of the world, and after we managed to join that normal/democratic part. For me to write about NATO, as something what destabilizing east border of Europe and Ukraine is insane. Especially that days, when it's possible that Russia invade Ukraine again. Writing in that way for Poles is something more, that again somebody want to put Poland in some grey area, between normal part of the world, and that post-soviet one. What is more, people outside probably often think, that countries like Poland should be put farer more in geopolitical zone of Russia influence, because it`s just the way it is. I think that that way of thinking is thorny point for every country in that part of the world.


Thu 06 Jan 2022 10:25:30 AM CET

Last days there are much buzz about web0 manifesto. It's nice, because it's a bit about acting like small-net, in that big one. But I didn't get the details, there are no any detailed description there?


Thu 06 Jan 2022 10:23:56 AM CET

Remember to check the news about The Low Bandwidth Guild.


Sat 01 Jan 2022 04:05:16 PM CET

It's good to remember this links. I often forget about it.