title: Szczeżuja's tinylog. A world parallel to @szczezuja@mastodon.online. Available also as `finger szczezuja@szczezuja.space`.

author: @szczezuja

avatar: 🦪 (:oyster:, U+1F9AA)

license: CC BY-SA



Sun 19 May 2024 06:05:21 PM CEST

There is a bit of loneliness in my heart because I'm almost absent in the small net lately. But I'm all right and I'm here. There are several activities which were ate all free time reserved for the small activities.

As I always write the small net is around people who are involved in it. It's easy to fell out the road at the bend. And it's hard to enter it again. Everyone is moving forward. However, we have more and more to catch up.

I've browsed through IRC, mailbox, Antenna, Bongusta, XMPP, Mastodon #geminiprotocol annd #gopher hashtags, Usenet. A lot of all this.

I've been delighted by seeing OFFLFIRSOCH 2024 or smoll.earth. So people are still creating here. They are storms upstairs, and we are in the network edge, the shelter for the most useful knowledge.

Mon 18 Mar 2024 06:49:57 PM CET

Today, I logged into my text environment and came across an article discussing surfing Gopher on the Commodore 64 machine. What a delightful concept.


Sun 18 Feb 2024 05:27:55 PM CET

I've got a response for my Tinylog entry from 4 Feb on 6 Feb. Thanks Cyberwolf.

The next thing I'd like to mention is the new #geminiprotocol hashtag on Mastodon. The old one was took over by Google and their new Bard-like brand.

I'm observing that the new hashtag is fully working now and people are writing there.

Sun 04 Feb 2024 01:29:38 PM CET

I'm still not in the writing mood. I've catch up several games recently. Yesterday I played in Heroes of Might and Magic II on Linux. I ran the fheroes2 open source engine on the top of my GOG original version copy.

Mon 01 Jan 2024 02:52:19 PM CET

Play from 10:10;

This is a Commodore64 demo with graphics which nobody had imagined years ago. Happy New Years for everyone!

I wish 2024 will be a more active one for Gemini tinylog.

I also wish the best for Gopher in 2024. If you've been wondering about my inactivity on Gemini, it's because I recently completed a three-month marathon of daily phlogging on Gopher.

Best wishes to #Finger protocol users in 2024:

$ finger szczezuja@szczezuja.space

It will also operate this year.

In 2024, it's the first year when Google withdrew support for Usenet in its products. Nevertheless, I hope Usenet remains as active as it was in the past year. Best wishes to Eternal-September.org.