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2023-09-03 How to strengthen the Small net

2023-07-31 How to use Fediverse local timelines

2023-06-08 When /ChatGPT/ would actually be so smart and help the small net

2023-05-27 From my bubble about Bubble

2023-05-21 To remember that ScummVM is great

2023-05-08 Suckless window manager

2023-05-07 Matrix of Convivial Technology

2023-04-10 Why Gemini is (not) boring

2023-03-19 Mastodon vs. Finger

2023-01-28 Pavlov's dog receives e-mails

2023-01-14 Perception of what the Internet looks like today

2023-01-08 Games

2023-01-07 What I wish 2023 will bring for me

2022-12-18 Purposeful effort

2022-12-06 The smell of paper

2022-12-04 Re: Gemini and the Golden Age of Air Travel

2022-11-11 Fediverse is growing

2022-10-30 Mayan and Gemini priests

2022-10-21 We are obscured

2022-10-09 The calming session

2022-09-21 Transport Tycoon Deluxe

2022-09-18 The best way to organize the catalog

2022-08-28 The most popular Gemini hosting

2022-08-21 Why is the cosmos the theme of Gemini?

2022-07-30 WordPress to Gemini

2022-07-10 Ancient Domains Of Mystery (ADOM)

2022-06-26 Re: Terminal Programs I Like

2022-06-19 Astrobotany plant ring

2022-06-16 Re: using Vim and Emacs

2022-06-12 ThinkPad T530

2022-05-29 My map of the galaxy

2022-04-24 What is the difference between Usenet and social media?

2022-04-22 The fog of war and the small-net search engines

2022-04-18 Is the ancient gophermap concept still a good idea?

2022-04-17 Re: Stepping away from Gemini

2022-04-07 Text-only user interface environment

2022-04-03 Is today's shape of apps was inevitable? (Part IV - a shining old man and the only gifted grandson)

2022-03-26 Sunday coffee - Part II

2022-03-24 Listen to the radio and live without commercials

2022-03-20 Sunday coffee

2022-03-19 Enlightenment in Emacs

2022-03-13 Gopher Novice - Part X.

2022-03-12 Three decades of easy public key cryptography

2022-03-12 So how much time people spent on Gopher in nineties?

2022-03-06 So what Gopher looked like in the nineties?

2022-02-27 Have one's cake and eat it - likes, comments, backlinks and so on

2022-02-25 One year on Gemini

2022-02-20 Gopher Novice - Part IX.

2022-02-19 Gopher Novice - Part VIII.

2022-02-13 Gopher and Fediverse

2022-02-12 Board games in times of pandemics and in general

2022-01-23 BBOARD - Version 23

2022-01-17 Re: Nerds Love Text-Based Interfaces

2022-01-16 Re: Pseudonymous

2022-01-15 Setting a Gopher hole

2022-01-02 Happy New Year for small-net community!

2021-12-11 Cont. how you were using the Internet in the 1991-1995 and 1995-2005?

2021-11-22 Re: Do you write about non-technical stuff on your gemlog?

2021-11-13 How you were using the Internet in the 1991-1995 and 1995-2005?

2021-10-30 Expectancy of frequent content producing

2021-10-10 Don't be like a developer

2021-09-15 Re: Re: Why use Gemini?

2021-09-12 Gopher Novice - Part VII.

2021-09-11 Structured Geminispace

2021-09-08 Planned undiscoverability of small sites

2021-08-30 Gopher Novice - Part VI.

2021-08-26 Gopher Novice - Part V.

2021-08-22 Idea of limited resource software

2021-08-15 Using Gopher The User-Friendly Reference

2021-08-15 Dwarf Fortress

2021-08-14 Small-net - Part II.

2021-08-14 Gopher Novice - Part IV.

2021-08-09 Is today's shape of apps was inevitable? (Part III)

2021-07-24 Art

2021-07-18 Recent thoughts about small-net and simple life

2021-07-12 Is today's shape of apps was inevitable? (Part II)

2021-07-11 Bash script for updating gtl

2021-07-09 Is today's shape of apps was inevitable?

2021-07-03 Who was the most famous person you shook hands with?

2021-07-03 Small-net

2021-06-30 Gopher Novice - Part III.

2021-06-27 The way of Geminispace consumption

2021-06-27 Gopher Novice - Part II.

2021-06-18 Re: The Smartphone Camera

2021-06-15 Gopher Novice - Part I.

2021-06-12 The way of social feeds consumption

2021-06-10 Gmidiff v1.0.beta.2

2021-06-08 Vim cont.

2021-06-03 Vim cont.

2021-06-02 Vim and C-n

2021-05-31 A closer look at backlinks

2021-05-29 Tinylogs

2021-05-26 Progenitor of the Lace

2021-05-25 Re: Preventing the Collapse of Civilization

2021-05-24 Heaven of tmux!

2021-05-23 New domain name

2021-05-10 Power of Tinylogs

2021-05-10 Re: Don't undervalue yourself

2021-05-03 Cognitive shock

2021-04-26 Re: Why use Gemini?

2021-04-24 Dreams about graphical windows managers

2021-04-21 Re: Apple

2021-04-18 Geminispace is awesome

2021-04-07 Comitium

2021-04-04 C-a 2 vim C-w C-w, :e 2021-04-04.gmi

2021-04-03 Cosmic Voyage

2021-03-28 Change to daylight saving time

2021-03-27 Summary of passing week

2021-03-21 Buy a coffee!

2021-03-18 A bit less productive time

2021-03-13 Gemini feeds reader

2021-03-12 Tinylog

2021-03-11 Two weeks in the Gemini space

2021-03-10 Exploring Gemini space cont.

2021-03-09 Today's progress on Gemini feeds reader

2021-03-08 Gemini feeds reader still doesn't work

2021-03-07 First post via sshfs

2021-03-06 [Today Gemini protocol post on Slashdot [1]. ...]

2021-03-04 The small web is beautiful

2021-03-03 Gemini podcast

2021-03-01 Apple ecosystem (convenient and irritating same time)

2021-02-28 Keyoxide

2021-02-27 SFTP

2021-02-26 Elaho

2021-02-25 Protocols

2021-02-25 [> „What are you doing now?” he asked. „Do yo...]

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